Crazy about Sweden

It's not hard to guess that we are crazy about Sweden. The incredible archipelagos with thousands and thousands of island, hidden corners and waters. Deep forrests and open landscapes, myriads of lakes, rivers and waterlanscapes. Small villages, great metropols and again, there is space everywhere. The long sunny days during summertime are absolutely addictive, midnight sun, and the typical swedish mellow lifestyle.

Sweden has everything nice of Alaska but without that dirty frecking and the vandalising gold gamblers. You can go fishing premium salmon in the rivers in a nearly virgin landscape. Cottages on the countryside get visited by bears and wolves, elks and other real animals every now and then. Sweden has a vast nature without the enviroment troubles of most other countries in at least Europe.

Now, if you think that sounds too much of quiet and peace, throw yourself into the wild nightlife in Stockholm, Göteborg or Malmö. Admittedly, there are not that much metropols in sweden, but you would need a lifetime to explore those of Sweden anyway. And there is a cutting edge society in Sweden, that is at the peer of social evolution. Swedish society is, simply put, the reference society of all social and welfare based societies in the world. An any discussion ending proof for that is, Sweden puts up with one of the greatest immigration quota in the world, without making a big deal out of it. And Sweden has been doing so for longer than the most other nations worldwide.

We can thank for all of this, the swedish society, with their stubborn attitude towards humanity, respect for anyone, and the firm belief that every individual is a part of the society.

Dancing on the rocks
Nice guy with his swedish girlfriend dancing around on the rocks of Nordre Hoge Berg near the docks in Hunnebostrand, Sweden.
Tags: boys and girls, swedish, sunset, rocks, summer, hunnebostrand, sweden

Blue floating docks
Quiet bathing pontones near Södra Koholmen in the Ramsviksfjorden, Hunnebostrand, Sweden.

Sunset at the guest docks of Hunnebostrand
The sun going down over the guest yacht harbor facing west in Hunnebostrand, Sweden.
Tags: guest harbor, yachts, sailing boats, sunset, summer, hunnebostrand, sweden

Father and daughter walk after sundown
Little girl walk hand in hand with her father in the middle of the Ramsvik Framgård road at the camping, Hunnebostrand, Sweden.
Tags: girl, father, walk, hand in hand, blue hour, road, ramsvik, hunnebostrand, sweden

Peaceful shore of Skagerak at Norra Koholmen x
In the little bay of Norra Koholmen at sunset, this shore is quiet and peaceful. Another wonderful summer evening around Hunnebostrand, Sweden.
Tags: shore, sunset, summer, peace, hunnebostrand, sweden

A traditional "snipa" on holiday
A glimpse between the sheds from Södra Strandgatan, there lies a nice gig at the docks in the guest harbor of Hunnebostrand, Sweden.
Tags: snipa, yacht harbor, afternoon, summer, sun, hunnebostrand, sweden

Yacht on land at the docks
A nice old SeaRay Sundancer 300 yacht jacked up in the corner of Skeppsholmen in the yacht harbor of Hunnebostrand, Sweden.
Tags: searay sundancer, jacked up, summer, sun, afternoon, hunnebostrand, sweden

Idyllic Sheds on S:t Göransö
Typical red swedish sheds on the archipels in Ramsvikfjord at sunset. The sea inside the archipelago is protected from the waves of Skagerak. Hunnebostrand, Sweden.
Tags: typical swedish, red sheds

Fun speedboating on Ramsviksfjord
In warm summer evenings, swedish people like to take a short trip out on the sea. This speedboat heading to Söö, Hunnebostrand, Sweden.
Tags: speedboating

Gate of famous swedish yacht builder
Swede Ship is building ships since a good 120 years. This is their place at Lökholmen, Hunnebostrand, Sweden.
Tags: SwedeShip, yachtbuilder,

Sotenäskanalen from Ramsvik
The channel of Sotenäs separates Ramsvik from the land.
Tags: soteneäskanalen

Sunset view over Ramsvikfjord
Over the isle Söö you can see the siedlung Hästedalsvägen left of the mountain Nordre Hoge Berg in Hunnebostrand, Sweden.

Sunflooded balcony of swedish villa
In the style of the holiday villages built villa getting the last sunrays of a summer day, Hunnebostrand, Sweden.
Tags: sun, balcony, summer

Sunflooded yacht harbor of Hunnebostrand
In the summer...
Tags: sun, yacht harbor, summer, hunnebostrand, sweden

Dreamhouse on Lortudden at blue hour
On Ramsvik there are quiet a few idyllical places...
Tags: lortudden

Swedish houses up to Tångevik
Dream village...
Tags: tångevik, blue hour, summer, ramsvik

Volvo Amazon Pickup, custom built
An enthusiast build second to none...
Tags: volvo, amazon, pickup

Mailboxes on Övre Framgård road
Very typical in sweden, on the countryside.
Tags: mailboxes, swedish

Shipwreck on housewall in Tångevik
Very nice tribute...
Tags: shipwreck

Bay of Norra Koholmen at night
Another view of the Skagerak archipelago on Ramsvik, Hunnebostrand, Sweden.

Kåreskäret west of Sotenäs at night
Between Grötö and Koholmarna to the west from Ramsvik.

Swedish heritage

15 million Swedes
There are about 15 million selfclaimed swedes around the world living abroad. They regard themselves as descendents of ethnical swedes.

Viking heritage
The swedish vikings conquered the baltikum, white russia and way down to bysance. They must have mingled with lokal natives, so a lot of viking blood flows in the veins around the world...